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Geschrieben von Dani am 10.12.2010 um 04:56:

  LT6½ OE1.6 SP2 for DM800se released - New LT Prologue

This is the Prologue of the New LT image to be released in the very near future. In this image we have followed the Enigma2 Updates and fixes, and we have added support for the new Dreambox DM800se!

We have also done some fixes (minor) about some issues we have been reported.

OE 1.6

dm800/dm8000/dm800se/dm500hd/dm7025 hardware drivers - 20101208

dm800/dm8000/dm7025 #76
dm500hd/dm800se #80

20101206 Experimental

Internal LT revision

Enjoy the new image, and feel free to give us feedback for anything you do not like!

Note 1: Since this is image is based on LT7's code the LT Link Manager controlfile
is not lt6links.cfg anymore it is now lt7links.cfg

Forensoftware: Burning Board 2.3.6, entwickelt von WoltLab GmbH