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Duolabs proudly presents "Stone Distribution Filesystem version 1.00 for QBoxHD".

Duolabs is thankful to all those who belived in us and patiently waited for this big software release. We have been working hard in the last 6 months to completely rewrite almost all the software for this box. The implementation of this new software has been started from the QBox Mini that will be on the market from next week.

We dedicated most of our time in solving big problems with Player 2 (the main engine for playing) and finally we obtained a stable version working for QboxHD.

We apologize to all those who have been disappointed for the leak of features and stability that were present on QBox Hd for the last year and that's why we completely addandoned the support of Fire Distibution to develope this completely new distribution. We preferred not to release any beta version up to this moment just not to disattend any expectation until we have had the final approval from the Qbox Mini and then ported all to QboxHD.

This version is dedicated to Duolabs' fans who stuck with us through this bad times and to all those who opposed.

Let's talk about the new features now:



1. Stability Problem. Most of the stability problems have been successfully solved by using native hardware functions of the STB. In the previous version most of this functions were handled in software. USB Filesystem handling is now much more stable thanks to some fixes on USB drivers. Other low lever drivers have been completely rewritten for more stability. Larger memory for applications (8MB of RAM) now available.

2. Channel Speed. The Channel speed now is less than 3 seconds per each channel while it was from 3 to 6 on previous version.

3. HD Channels and SD bug fixed. HD & SD Channels on some transponders were looping the machine ending a crash if freezes occoured. This problem have been solved in the most critical HD channels. This is not related to scanning on some Thor channels (this needs to use the AVLink tuner and not Sharp). Unfortunately the Sharp tuner has some problems with some transponders and seems like Sharp cannot fix it releasing a firmware for it.
AVLink Tuner has no problem unders this point of view.

4. 3x Tuner finally supported. Finally the "Magic Box" inside is dynamically mixing the Tuner input and output. Now user can finally install any tuner configuration (2xDVB-S2 + 1x DVB-T or DVB-C etc etc) zapping without any problem from Tuner 1 to Tuner 2 to Tuner 3 with no problem.
Tuner 1 port: DVB-T or DVB-C or DVB-S2 Tuner (Sharp or Avlink)
Tuner 2 port: DVB-T or DVB-C or DVB-S2 Tuner (Sharp or Avlink)
Tuner 3 port: DVB-T or DVB-C NOT DVB-S2 Tuner
Once the tuner/s are installed please do a "Factory Reset" - IMPORTANT!!!

5. PVR is now fully supported and stable. It is possible to record from Tuner x and watch/timeshft on Tuner y. Up to now it is possible to record from one tuner and watch on another tuner. We will enlarge this possibility next.
Example. Watch on Tuner 1 (timeshift also) and record from Tuner 2 or Tuner 3.

6. NAS Server fully working. Now NAS Server is fully supported so it will be possible to use Network HDD or PC.

7. Internal CSA descrambling. Now the box is using the native descrambler inside and not the FPGA descrambler. This is much faster and can support third parties software much easily.

8. Multimedia Center. Multimedia Center completely changed with the following new features:

8.1 MKV, MP4, AVI, XVID formats now fully supported.
8.2 MP3 formats now fully supported.
8.3 Picture Player fully supported - NOT LARGER THAN 2 MB.
8.4 MyTube (YouTube) fully supported no need for PC. Possibility of recording YouTube movies directly on the Harddrive
8.5 IDEVS. This is the support for IPOD and coming next IPhone. This is an exclusive function that none (AFAIK) is supporting. By connecting your IPOD via USB you can browse the AUDIO and VIDEO contents on your IPOD and play it directly on your TV.
8.6 Internet Browser. Linx internet broser is supported using Mouse and Keyboard. This is a small and light Internet browser that will be developed more in the future. Up to now it is supporting simple web pages protocols.
8.7 Other minor appz.

9. Receiver information screen added. Now you can get all the receiver information such as connected tuners, IP address, peripherias etc etc from a dedicated page. All the important informations you have to know about your box are now shown.
This page is inside Infromation->Receiver Information menu. It is very important to have a look at this to have a shortcut to all the settings of the receiver like Tuner Status, IP Address, Keyboard, IPOD connection etc etc.

10. Menu structure is completely changed to make it more user friendly.

11. HD Skin by default with automatic screen resize.

12. HDMI and other video Output problems solved.

13. Minor bugs are solved and general stability is improved uncomparably with the previous version especailly if freezes are coming from the streaming.
WebInterface fully working, Teletext fully working etc etc

Known bugs:

1. Minor bugs related to menus (like OSD languages not translated in full) and other small menu leaks.

2. Motor scan on 4W is stopping. Work in progress.

3. DVB-C scanning is now working just with pre-loaded settings.

rar qboxhd_update_SD_1.0.0.part1.rar (29 MB, 895 mal heruntergeladen)
rar qboxhd_update_SD_1.0.0.part2.rar (21 MB, 766 mal heruntergeladen)

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dreambox.info - download - Database » Q-BOX BOXEN » Q-BOX HD » Original Images » New Stone Distribution Filesystem version 1.00 for QBoxHD

Diese GRATIS Dreambox + Receiver Download Database ist ein Gemeinschaftsprojekt von Dreambox Sat Szene Community und Dreambox Anleitung


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